A few things you may not know about wine

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Wine is one of your favorite drinks? You should probably know more about it. This article shall tell you the less known facts about the alcohol, so read on if you're interested!

Wine Fun Facts

  • Age of the wine is important and old wine is not always the better wine, especially if it is produced using reductive method (popular for cheaper wines on store shelves). Most wines bought in a grocery shop should be used not later than 10 years after the date of its production. Thus, if you want to buy an aging wine, you should visit a fine winery, not a supermarket.
  • Corked bottles should be stored horizontally - otherwise the cork will crumble and affect the wine's taste.
  • Place of grape growth is important. If the grapes are grown in warmer regions, the wine shall be sweeter and more fruity.
  • Red wine tastes best served in a room temperature. This means not 20oC, but rather 17-18, as this is the temperature that was considered "room" in the olden days.
  • Where the wine is the most popular drink? Probably the Vatican. Of course, most of it is the sacramental wine.
  • Drinking a glass of wine can improve your memory, but don't drink too much.
  • Light (both in taste and color) wines usually have more "fresh" taste, while dark red types are certainly stronger and more aromatic, with far richer bouquet.
  • High-quality wine can be recognized by taste, smell and the way it slides off the glass. If the liquid creates paths in the bowl, it is worth buying.
  • Wines made hundreds of years ago had  a bit of vinegar taste which was diluted in dozens of ways. It was successfully liquidated through a process of oxygenation.
  • To cool the wine quicker, use salt. Put a spoon of salt into a bucket of ice and put the bottle of wine into it - it will reach the proper temperature in no time.
  • Not many people know that the bulge on the bottle's bottom is used for decantation, meaning that the sediment will stay on the bottle's sides.

As you can see, wine is an exquisite alcohol which does not only taste great, but also has a lot of secrets. We hope that the information we gave you will prove useful and made this tasty drink evewn more interesting than it is.



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