Types of glasses

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The taste of the alcohol often depends on the glass it is served in. Thus, glassware should be chosen based on the type of a drink you wish to serve. What types of glasses can you find on the market and how to properly use them? Read on to know more!

Glass - types and use


Let’s start with one simple fact – glasses for serving alcohol always should be impeccably clean. They should not be left to dry after washing – you should polish them with a soft cloth. This will ensure that there will be no stains or spots of a dried-up water. You also shouldn’t touch them with your bare hands, as you can easily leave your fingerprints on them. So, how you should put them on the table? Hold it by its stem or through a cloth.


What are the most commonly used types of glasses? Here is the list:


  • Shots – for serving vodka. The design can include a stem (used for holding a glass) or not (then you hold it by the bottom). They should be almost fully filled, with a little empty space left at the top. Glasses with stem are used for pure or specialty vodkas, while those without stem are only for pure and frozen vodka.
  • Cognac or brandy glasses – short stem and a large, bulky bowl narrowing to the top. They should be filled in 1/5th. They are held by the bowl to warm up the alcohol and release its aromas.
  • Whiskey and bourbon glasses – short, oval glassware with thick bottom.  They can be also used to serve drinks with ice cubes.
  • Champagne glasses – slim glasses on a thin stem used to hold them (to ensure the drink stays cold). They are oftentimes called “flutes”.
  • Red wine glasses – large bowl narrowing to the top and medium-length stem. They can be held both by the bowl and by the stem. Smaller ones are filled to the half, while larger ones to 3/4ths. White wine can also be served in them.
  • White wine glasses – slimmer than those used to serve red wine. They also have a longer stem and a smaller bowl with a slightly widening opening. They are made of a very thin glass. What is important, light wines taste better in a glass with a slimmer bowl, while heavier species are finer in larger bowls. In any case, the glass should be held by the stem and only half full.
  • Dessert wine glasses – very similar to the red wine glassware, but smaller. Ideal for dessert wines and aperitifs.
  • Liqueur glasses – last on the list. They are slim, not too large and held by the stem. They should be only half full.
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